Gibson Strings re-invents the modern guitar string. We go back to the days of using only the finest pure nickel wire, slowly wrapping it over the highest quality Swedish steel “hex” core for maximum strength and stability. The warm, full tone gives your guitar a solid new voice. These strings show why we are still the favorite with top players around the world! Vacuum sealed for freshness.

Daisy Chain connector with standard polarity tip negative/barrel positive right angle jacks connects the Godlyke Power-All PA-9 to power up to five 9-volt effect pedals. The Cable-5/R can also be used with Power-All adaptor cables to power effects that use different style connectors (reverse polarity, phone plug, battery clip, etc.).You can also link multiple Cable-5 connectors to power over twenty 9-volt effect pedals or similar devices (actual number of units depends on current draw of individual units used).Plugs: (5): Diameter 5.5 mm external, 2.1 mm internal, Barrel length: 13 mm – Spring-loaded male jacks prevent disconnection from power source or pedal. Cable length: 1143 mm total (approximately 45 inches), 229 mm (approximately 9 inches) between plugs

Godlyke Power-All C-5/R Electric Guitar Cable-5 Right-Angle Daisy Chain

Three-pack of Ernie Ball 2252 Classic Electric Guitar Strings.Gauges 09-11-16-26-36-46.Nickels are the most popular of the Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings. Made from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around tin-plated hex-shaped steel core wire. Produces a well-balanced all-around good sound.Ernie Ball strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specs to assure consistency, optimum performance, and long life.Ernie Ball is the pioneer of rock and roll guitar strings. Setting the standard for the industry has enabled Slinky electric guitar strings to become the world’s top selling brand. Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, and Slash are among the long list of Slinky players.

Ernie Ball 2222 Nickel Hybrid Slinky Orange Electric Guitar Strings 3 Pack

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