This is an Esteban Vintage Legacy Black Limited Edition Guitar Package. It is new, unused and tested prior to shipment but may have a minor blemish in the finish of the guitar, amp or case. This is an acoustic electric steel string guitar with built-in and EQ. This guitar has a beautiful finish on the front and back. Guitar top made of spruce wood; sides and back made of linden wood. Neck made of maple wood; fingerboard made of maple. It normally sold with 10 instructional DVDs but when you buy from The Instrument Store, we will add 15 more instructional DVDs for a total of 25 DVDs!!! It also includes a full accessory package with nylon guitar case. strap, cord, polishing cloth, extra strings, picks and more. Includes a 10 watt amplifier with overdrive (Amp color/style may vary). Not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty but comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Esteban Vintage Legacy Black Acoustic Electric Guitar Package w/ Amplifier, Accessories and 25 Instructional DVDs (For a Limited Time Only)

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